About me

About Me

Hey, thank you for stopping by my page!

Here you will find old family recipes and new ones I constantly create on daily basis!
My love for cooking started at a very young age as I come from a family of fantastic cooks, especially my mom, dad and grandmothers.
I grew up in Bulgaria where cooking at home is the norm and I remember growing up we would always have delicious homemade food on the table every single day.
My love for food grew even more when I moved to US in 2007 and got exposed to many different and new to me cuisines. I waitressed in a few fine restaurants for years and I had direct exposure to so much delicious food prepared by amazing chefs.

Besides that, I don’t have any professional cooking experience and as a matter of fact my college degrees are in Business and Philosophy. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
I’m also a licensed real estate agent but my primary occupation is MAMA 24 hours a day👭
I got to spend the first a few years of my kids’ life as a stay home mom, thanks to my hard- working and devoted fiancé!
I work from home and my kids are with me all day every single day. I’m not sure how we do it but we do it and it’s the most beautiful chaos you have ever seen 😂 and I won’t change it for the world, lol most of the time!
However, ever since becoming a mom cooking had become a huge part of our life as I truly enjoy making homemade meals for the kids and our family in general.
Thanks to many family members and friends’ encouragement I had started sharing my recipes in the spring of 2021. I found myself enjoying creating recipes more than I would have expected and about a year later I committed to be consistently posting recipes almost on daily basis.
At this moment I can say I’m fully committed to food content creation, I literally dream about recipes I want to make next and I am determined to turn this journey into my dream career!
I’m thankful for each and one of you being here and supporting my dreams because without you this community would have never existed! 🙏🏼

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